About webhooks for organizations

You can use organization webhooks to subscribe to specific events of an organization.

Organization webhooks allow you to receive HTTP POST payloads whenever certain events happen from an organization, web entity, or brand website. You can use the REST API to manage organization webhooks. You can list webhook deliveries for a webhook, or get and redeliver an individual delivery for a webhook, which can be integrated into an external app or service. You can also use the REST API to change the configuration of the webhook. For example, you can modify the payload URL, content type, SSL verification, and secret.

In order for Shopwaive to send webhook payloads, your server needs to be accessible from the Internet. We also highly suggest using SSL so that we can send encrypted payloads over HTTPS.

Shopwaive will send along several HTTP headers to differentiate between event types and payload identifiers. See webhook headers for details.

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